Super Bowl Playlist | 2020

What’s up guys!

If you have been here for a while, you know I love a good playlist, especially a good themed playlist. While working my playlists for the weekend, it got me thinking about sharing a Super Bowl Themed Playlist for the big game tomorrow. I made this the year the Philadelphia Eagles won the Super Bowl but I added some fresh songs so it will be great for any football game.

The new studio that I am currently coaching at
Want to learn more about RippedPHL? Check out their IG @rippedphl. Also, peep my IG for my weekly schedule

What makes a great playlist? To me, it’s songs that will get you hyped + ready to work. Nothing can make or break a class like the playlist. The playlist, the beat will give me that extra boost to push the speed or get that extra repetition. Or if the playlist is sub par, it will keep you looking at your watch thinking how much longer. This is why I spend so much time creating my playlists. I take inspiration from Fit Radio , the radio, + what my clients suggest – I’m very client-oriented.

Wanna sweat with me… Catch my schedule here.

I currently teach HIIT style Bootcamps but this playlist would be great for any workout – lifting, run, spin class 🙂

What other playlists do you want to see?

See you on the pavement,


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