The Rundown – Week 9

Another wild week!  Each week has been getting busier than the last.

Let’s see how this week turned out!


I had to drop something off at one of my jobs so I got a nice walk to drop off some things and then ran back home.

Stretching and hydrating

I got in 1.29 miles before getting ready for a private client then Spin and Training.


Started the day off with a work meeting before heading to one of my favorite running trails in Philly.  I left the gym then headed down to Kelly Drive.  This is where most of the races are held starting at the Art Museum and down and around Kelly Drive.

Running Views

It was nice and peaceful and not crowded at all.  I can’t imagine what the weekends have been like since our weather has been so goofy.

I ran a little over 4 miles and turned around to head home.  I live about a mile away from the gym and I kept running until I hit 10.32 miles.  The last few miles were a struggle since I kept hitting every red light and there’s nothing worse than having to stop and go, stop and go.

Kelly Drive

I kept an easy 9-minute mile pace with little pushes here and there.  I really soaked up the scenery.  The Cherry Blooms looked so pretty even though there was an overcast.

I quickly showered, hydrated, and refueled before heading back to work for a night full of training fun.


Busy, busy day!

I met my two private clients then headed to the gym for Spin, TEAM, and training.  While I was getting everything set up, I smashed my right thumb moving some kettlebells around and it bruised up instantly.  I finished out my shift and taught TEAM and Butts + Guts.  I think I was more in shock than anything.

The pain got worse after I got home and tried to sleep.  I kept waking up every hour on the hour until I had to get up the next day.


After the sleepless night, I got up around 5am to sub TEAM at 6am.  I was not in a good mood and my thumb continued to get worse as the day went on.  It is bruised and swollen.  My fiance made a splint but it really wasn’t helping much but it did keep me from banging it on anything.  It was difficult to move equipment or demo any moves.

I left the gym and got some breakfast before heading back to sub another TEAM session at 10am.   I tried some new exercises in this workout and was able to make adjustments based earlier class.  Luckily all of the members were understanding and they still killed their workout.

After that, I took some time for self-care and got my hair done before heading back to train a personal client and another Team session.

After all this, there was no time or energy to even attempt to get any type of workout in.


Overnight, the pain has gotten to an all-time high and I was worried that I would be out for the entire weekend.  I couldn’t take the pain so I decided that I needed to take off to get this thumb better.  It is still super swollen, bruised, and nothing was working.

I took it easy and caught up on some sleep.  Maybe I was a little run down by the constant busy schedule.


Finally, the pain went down and I felt good enough to get some things done.  I took the weekend off from the gym to let my thumb heal.

Satya Juice

I got some shopping and house stuff done to meal prep and get ready for the week.


I worked two events for my job with Satya Juice and had a nice Sunday.

Juice is flowing

My thumb started to feel better and the swelling went down.  It’s still not 100% but moving in the right direction.

Not my best week but nothing that I could really do due to my thumb.  I’m hoping this week I can get my race prep together and get a little run in to see how my thumb feels.  I’m just nervous I’m going to smack it on something, myself, or in a crowded corral.

The race is in just a few days and I’m really excited to get out there.  This might be the first race that I’m not setting a time goal or chasing down a PR.  I’m going out there with no expectations other than having a good time and finish.

Stay tuned my friends!

See ya out on the pavement,


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