My Sweat Life

Hey friends!

My girl at CompletelyKristen asked me to do a guest post for her new series #MySweatLife.  Def check out her blog and give her a follow.

Hey Everyone!  My name is Hallie and this is my fitness journey.

I was always an active kid and could be found playing around the neighborhood.  I tried out everything from cheerleading to softball to basketball until I found running.  My freshmen year of High School I joined the Cross Country team and later that Spring I joined the Track team.  That’s where I found my true passion for running, the 400m + 800m.  My Father and Grandfather ran track so it was in my blood.


Fast forward to college, running got away me.

It wasn’t until 2012 when I witnessed my first Broad Street Run.  I was working in Center City Philadelphia at the time and was heading to work one Sunday morning.  I couldn’t cross over Broad Street due to this race going on.  I did some research and discovered it is the biggest 10-miler in the country.  I knew I had to get in that race.

The following year, I entered the lottery and didn’t get in.  But all wasn’t lost.  I was still able to get in by raising money for the American Cancer Society.  That became my first long distance race.  Later that year, I completed my first Rock N Roll half marathon.

I caught the running bug and followed it up with races ranging from 5 miles to more Broad Street Runs to more half marathons in Philadelphia + Brooklyn to the Rocky Run + Hot Chocolate 15ks to my first Philadelphia Marathon in 2016 (Kristen was an awesome training buddy).

The girls at the finish line in 2015

In 2017, I had to take a break from running due to some injuries.   But that is where I took my love for fitness to the next level by becoming a spin instructor.  I absolutely love being an instructor and finally feel that I have found my true passion.  After a few months of teaching spin, I began leading Group Fitness classes at the gym I work at.  Which then lead to becoming a Certified Personal Trainer.

Other than running I have dabbled in other formats (thanks to ClassPass) and met friends through Tone It Up (#notbasic).  I love attending yoga classes (led by Kristen of course), Pilates on the mega, and of course spin at Flywheel, Body Cycle, and Soul Cycle.

K&K Pic

If you have any interest in becoming an instructor, I say get certified + it will the best thing you ever did.  Even if you never teach an actual class, you will learn a plethora of knowledge that will elevate your own practice + philosophy.

If you want to hear more, check me out at

This was super fun to share my store with Kristen’s readers + hope you got a better understanding of my story.

Is having guest bloggers something that you be interested in seeing here?  LMK!

Until next time my fitness friends,


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