The Rundown – Week 4

We are almost at that halfway point.  Time is flying!

On other news, I’m ready for this snow to stop so I can continue training.  It put a real damper.  Luckily, I have a gym in my building in addition to working in a gym.  So I have NO excuses to get a run in!


I taught my Full Body + Spin class along with some observations.  I didn’t plan my meals out correctly and got a wicked headache in the afternoon causing not much getting done.



I had some meetings around town so I was able to get some walking in.

I taught my Night Spin and got some foam rolling in.




I got in a two-mile run on the treadmill.  TBH, I was a little nervous since it was my first treadmill run since my injury so I didn’t want to go super long or super fast.  Two miles were a great warm up before an Upper Body Routine.  Followed it up with some stretching + foam rolling.

Snow Day Routine

Feeling awesome and ready to enjoy some chili while watching the rest of the snow.


Spent the day reading + getting lost in “Crush It” By Gary Vee.  Have you heard of it?  I literally could. Not. Put. It. Down.  Crushed it cover to cover, no bun intended!  I heard about the book from The Skinny Confidential.  I love her blog + Insta.

Morning Routine

Anyways…  I got another treadmill run.  The plan was 5-mile miles but at mile 2, I started feeling some hip pain so I stopped it 2.29.  I didn’t want to chance anything.  I also had a feeling my hip wasn’t going to like the treadmill.  Especially two days in a row.

Treadmill Run

I got a nice stretch while I heated up some leftovers and everything felt fine after.


Back to regularly scheduled classes.  First Butts + Guts in the AM.  I really enjoy my morning clients!  They are the best group of ladies and they brought the fire this Friday morning!

I jumped in one of the Strong Sessions and the focus was Legs + Shoulders.  Hot Damn!  I was on fire!!!  I never back squat since the weight room always intimidated me and I was able to put up 100 pounds for 12 reps.  I was so impressed with myself!  I usually stick to a low weight/high rep situation so it was challenging me to break through my own comfort zone.


I then observed some more sessions before my Lunch Spin.  I’m really excited to be leading these sessions soon!

Since the snow was starting to melt, my fiancé Eric and I decided to check out the driving range.  After a few swings, I wasn’t feeling it.  So I just watched him and hung out with our Shih Tzu Bogey.

This girl is need of some extra stretching + foam rolling after this day!


I taught a tough interval Spin Class playing some Throwback tunes on Fit Radio and the clients loved it!  Followed it by some Double Trouble Full Body Toning.

Ran some errands and walked around the city for today’s workout.

Oh boy, my booty + legs are on fire from those Squats yesterday!


I didn’t teach my usual Sunday Funday Ride and I def missed my peeps!

Today was my first day as a Brand Ambassador for Satya Juice and went to my first Expo.  (Have you tried it?).  I had a lot of fun giving out samples + selling juice while discussing health + wellness with like-minded people.

Satya Juice

I really wanted to get a run in but looking like just some yoga, stretching, and foam rolling.

Ready to finish this training stronger than how I started!

Now if this weather could just stay consistent (no more snow!), I know I will get that mileage up in no time!

What are your Spring goals?

See ya on the pavement,


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