The Rundown – Week 3

Week 3!!

Time is flying and it will be race day before I know it!


New week, new goals!!  I’m determined to get my runs in, no matter what.

It was a rainy day ahead in Myrtle so I had to sneak in a run.  Quick.  I found a gap in the rain and went out for a quick 3-mile run.  It was sprinkling a little bit, but nothing crazy.  I listened to Fit Radio and headed out towards the beach.  It was chilly but nothing like back home in Philly.

Ocean Blvd

I ran down towards the beach and turned around to head back.  I got in exactly 3 miles and that like NEVER happens.

After the run, my calves were a little sore so I planned on some extra stretching in that area.  I learned during my NASM studying that I really need to focus on my imbalances and my calves + hamstrings are my main focus.


Rest day 🙂


Got in 5.66 miles and got a little bit of the run on the beach towards the Sky Wheel on the Boardwalk.  I forgot how different it feels to run on the sand.


The run started off awesome, holding low 8’s which is right at my old race pace.  And it actually felt awesome.

Halfway point on the beach

When I stopped at the halfway point, it kinda messed up my music situation along with my Nike+ app.  I was using Fit Radio + loving the Race Pace training option.  Then it wouldn’t play at all.  I had to switch over to my Spotify playlist from the 2016 Philly Marathon, which has all my faves.

This view!

I finished off the run on the Boardwalk and still holding mid 8’s.  I’m glad that I am still able to push a little after my running hiatus.  I can thank spinning for keeping my cardio on point.


Rest day 🙂

My fiancé treated me to a spa day for a massage + facial.  My body neeeded that stretch and boy it felt amazing!

Totally ready to get back into my routine of classes + training at home.


Heading home tonight. 😦  And of course, it was the most beautiful day we had all vacation. 😦 😦

I was able to get in a quick 10 minute run for 1.25 miles.  It was exactly what I needed before heading to the airport.

Last mile before heading home


Back to classes for a fun St. Patty’s Day Ride.  I taught Spin + Full Body Toning.  I totally missed being in the saddle.

My fiancé picked me up and we went to the driving range.  I got a little extra workout before heading to get Wegmans to stock up all the goods for the week.


Sunday Funday Ride is back!  Today’s playlist was fire!

After class, I got in some foam rolling before heading to the driving range again.  I’m really starting to get my swing down.


I was feeling the vibes from NYC Half + LA Marathon that was taking place so I went out for an easy shakeout run for 2.25 miles.  I’ll be stretching + foam rolling again for sure.

Feeling good about how this week went + looking forward to next week’s runs.  Hopefully, I brought the warmer weather with me!

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If you need some motivation, check out my fave songs here.

See ya on the pavement,


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