The Rundown – Week 2

Happy Monday Y’all!

Week 2 is in the books!  Didn’t go as planned but I am determined to make this next week better.  I’m keeping it real with you guys and don’t want to make up workouts that didn’t happen just for the sake of it.

Since I am in Myrtle Beach, I won’t have any excuses to not get a run in because it’s looking like a beautiful week ahead!  I also brought along my bands so I can make some toning workouts out happen!


Taught my usual classes of Full Body + Spin!  I have been observing the other sessions my gym offers to gain some experience in personal training and have so many ideas that I can’t wait to share.

So today, I didn’t get a run in like I wanted but I jumped into one of our Team sessions, it’s HIIT style with circuits that really get that heart rate up mixed with some heavy carries.  It was a lot of fun + challenging in a different way than I usually get into.


Taught my 2 Spin classes, subbed a Body Sculpt, and did some interning/observations at the gym.

foam roll

Got in some stretching + foam rolling after yesterday’s Team session.


Snow day!  My classes were cancelled.  My body was craving some rest so I listened.  Also got ready for vacation.


Day 1 of vacation!  I had some meetings and walked to them as my active rest day.

Flight later that afternoon and got some more walking in.


Accidental rest day and I’m not mad about it.  Sometimes you just need it and time gets away from ya.

I did run around with a two-year old.


What a lovely day in Myrtle Beach.  Sun was shining and I was over-dressed for my run.

nike plus screen shot of milage/pace

Got in 4.66 miles along my favorite route at tempo pace.  The first mile is along the neighborhoods but I head towards the beach and then jump onto the broadwalk.

Myrtle Beach Boardwalk

This view will never get old.

shells + sneakers

Followed it up with some stretching.


Rest day because you know, vacation.

I just got back from my run so week 3 is already looking like it will be better.  Check out last week’s recap here!

Hope you all have a wonderful week getting those miles in!

See ya on the pavement,


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