February Spin Songs

Happy Monday!

It’s time to hit that reset button + focus on the new week (and month) ahead.

Are you in need of some motivation?  Look no further!  I have my monthly dose of music favorites to get your booty in gear!

Let’s get moving!

I was feeling the LOVE this month.  So many great spin classes + never not enough time to fit in all my faves in one class!

I had a few theme rides throughout the month such as a Super Bowl theme (Go Birds!), Valentine’s Day, and Calvin Harris just to name a few.

The hardest thing lately has been when I find a few different remixes of a song, they each are so different that I can’t decide on which one makes the cut.  There have been many times where I couldn’t find a single remix and I was totally bummed out.   I love a good remix!  If you haven’t been able to tell at this point.

Here’s what I was loving from February, in no particular order!

Rock The Party – Jauz, Ephwurd

Final sprint home with this song!  I know, I know.  I always make my faves the final sprint. There’s a reason!  To Get Hyped!

I broke it down to two final sprints home –  one 30 seconds and final 60 seconds, with a recovery in between.

Find that comfortable resistance, I use a 3 or 4 out of 10 (on my scale), little resistance but not no resistance, staying in the saddle.  You build up that speed in the first 30 seconds of the song then you break loose for your first 30-second run.

Then, you get to recover and find that comfortable pace again.  I want you to empty out that take and give me everything you have left.  Focus on your breathing and let the legs go for the final 60-second sprint home to that finish line.  You are unstoppable!

Then get into the final cool down.  You DID it!

You Used to Hold Me – Nero Remix – Calvin Harris, Nero

Time to climb that heavy hill.

Start off in the saddle while building up the resistance.  I bring it up to a 6 or 7 out of 10 (on my scale) and start to feel the push/pull in the legs.  Hold it in the saddle for 45 seconds then lift out to position 3 and adding a little resistance, 7 or 8, and get climbing for 60 seconds.  Really driving the knees up to get to the top of that hill while holding that good form.

Bring it back down to the saddle and drop that resistance to a 6 or 7 to recover for 45 seconds.  But don’t stop there.  You are adding back on to an 8 or 9 this time and taking it back out to position 3 for 90 seconds of work up that hill.  You got this!  Stay strong and keep breathing up this climb.

You crushed that climb!  Now bring it back down to saddle and drop it to 6 or 7 resistance to get that active recovery for 45 seconds.

You are about to get into your last climb of this song.  Add on that resistance to an 8 or 9 and lift it out to position 2 for 60 seconds.  Hold it strong and keep that great form.

Awesome job.  Bring it back to the saddle and lower that resistance to 6 or 7 to recover until the end of the song.

Harlem Shake – Baauer

Get ready to hit that flat road.

Bring the resistance to a light, comfortable pace 3 or 4 on my scale (described above).  We are getting into Tabatas.  We are working hard + sprinting for 20 seconds then follow it up with 10 seconds of recovery.  Try to hit 8 rounds for the song duration.  Stay focused + you will feel amazing after!

WAWA – Party Favor

Final flat road.

Bring that resistance to a nice, comfortable range, 3 or 4 on my scale.

You are finishing this ride STRONG.

Two sprints left, one 30 seconds and one 60 seconds.  I want you to get to breathless and give it your all.  Maybe you play around with that resistance for a little extra challenge.

Turn The Lights Off – Kato, Jon

Time for a Rolling hill.  Short + Sweet!

Start in the saddle adding on resistance until you hit your 6 or 7 and drop those heels down, getting into the climb.  Hold it strong for 30 seconds before lifting out to position 3. Hold that standing climb for 30 seconds before picking up that pace in position 3 for 30 seconds.  Race to the top of the hill.

Alternate seated and standing climbs, holding for 30 seconds in each position.  Add on resistance after each completed section (both seated, standing, and pace pick up at same resistance).  Should be 2 full sections.

Freak Of The Week – Krept & Konan, Jeremih

Time to dance around on that bike!  My favorite jumps!

I call this move “My Dance Party”.  You are lifting up to position 2, then bring it out to position 3, then back to position 2, and hit that saddle.  You can change-up the counts in each.  For this song, I used 2-counts before switching to next position.  You want to be a moderate resistance + pace, 5 or 6 on my scale.

The kicker here was to maintain the jump for the entire song.  Really focusing on the core + keeping perfect form.

Give it a try + tell me how you like it!

Candy – Dillon Francis, Snappy Jit

Tabata Time!

You are working that flat (3 or 4 resistance) strong for 20 seconds then recovering for 10 seconds.  Repeat to hit 8 rounds or until end of the song.

Get ready to sweat!

Spaceman – Carnage Festival Trap Remix, Hardwell

Another fun, fast, flat!

This song I played around with running in the saddle and running out in position 3.  You know for a little change-up.  I used this as a pyramid build for time duration.

Start off with 15 seconds fast then 15 seconds recover.

Second push is 30 seconds on and 30 seconds off.

Build up to 45 seconds fast and 45 seconds recovery.

Fourth round, lower back to 30 seconds on with 30 seconds of recovery.

Finish it off with 15 seconds on and 15 seconds of recovery.  May run into next song, but that’s ok!

Bass Head – Bassnectar

This is a sick song.  I used this for a long hill while playing around with time.

Start off in the saddle, adding to a 6 or 7 resistance.  Drop those heels and focus on the smooth pedal stroke.  Hold the seated climb for 30 seconds before heading out to position 3.

Hold the standing climb for 60 seconds before dropping down to the saddle.  Hold the seated climb for 45 seconds as your active recovery.

Add some resistance, 7 or 8 and head back out to the standing climb for 90 seconds.  Keep breathing through and focus on that form.  Drop to that saddle and recover for 30 seconds.

The final set of this hill.  You are in the HOMESTRETCH!  Add on that resistance to an 8 or 9 and continuing climbing for 60 seconds before hitting that saddle.  Last little bit of work in the seated climb, still holding that 8 or 9 resistance for 45 seconds.

Let it go and drop that resistance to your flat road to recover until the end of the song, about 30 seconds.

Still, on that Trap + House kick but been adding more variety to cater more genres.

Do you like the breakdown of how I use the songs? LMK and I will continue to do this and add it previous posts.  Check them out here!

Pretty pumped to work on March’s playlists.  St. Patty’s Day playlist anyone?

What are you loving lately?  Leave me a comment below!

See you in the saddle,


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