December Spin Songs

Hey, My Fitness Friends!

I know this is so incredibly late but I still wanted to share this with you all.  Life just has gotten crazy since the New Year between more classes added to my schedule (YAY!) to studying to take my NASM exam in the next few weeks and just life happening.

But, I didn’t forget about my favorites from December!  And boy, these classes were epic!  I did a mix of Spotify and Fit Radio (I can’t get enough) throughout the month along with keeping up with my theme rides.  Check out my past favorites here and find out why I can’t enough of Fit Radio.

December came in as fast as it went out.  The holidays make time go by WAY too fast.  Throughout the month,  I continued my Sunday Funday rides, Britney Vs Christina Ride, and of course Holiday Playlists!

Here are my top songs from December!!

Jingle Bell Rock – Trap Christmas

OMG.  Where has this playlist been my entire life!  I worked in retail for years and thought I heard every version of Holiday songs.  If you Trap music this whole mix is for you.  Take a little bit of the classics with a little Trap and you have one killer song to ride to.

I bet this definitely got any Holiday party started off right!

This was my final sprint to the finish line and definitely felt that we were all dancing by the end!

MIC Drop (feat Desiigner) by BTS, Steve Aoki

I think I have a new obsession with Steve Aoki.  I haven’t found a single song that he is involved with that I didn’t absolutely love.  This song is worth the hype.  It is a great mix of EDM and Rap and sure will get you energized to finish your workout strong.

Maybe this might be the next theme ride idea and to think of it, I play one of his songs in almost every class!

I used this as the final sprint on a flat road and it really got my classes hyped.

Rachet – Autoerotique

One of my friends told me about this song a couple of years ago and definitely used it during my training runs for the marathon.  Great tempo and will get everyone hyped up with epic beats that change with each drop.  Allow your inner “freak” flag fly high with this one.

Noticing a trend?  Yet another final sprint song.  I tend to put my favorites last or songs that I feel will really get the class motivated to finish strong.

My Head is a Jungle (MK Remix) by Wankelmut, Emma Louise

I love anything with MK!  Nice steady beat that riders can ride to the beat while building up that resistance to really burn out those legs in the best way possible.  This song always gets stuck in my head and I’m not mad about it!

I used this as a Rolling hill.  Do a little climbing then do a little sprinting as we get over the hill crest and everything is all downhill from there.  Try to have your class ride to that beat!

I kicked January off with NYE theme, Beat of 2017 (Best remixes), and getting back into the battles with Drake Vs. Future. More on those later!

Definitely going to keep up themes going into the New Year and can’t wait to see what is in stored!!  Any suggestions??

What songs are you loving right now?

Looking for more song ideas?  Check out my other posts November SpinOctober Spin, and Spin Songs.

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