Fitness Friday | How to Rock an Audition

So you took the plunge on getting a certification after countless hours of contemplation.  You studied and scheduled your exam based on your learning style.  You took the exam and just got the word that you PASSED!!  Awesome job!  But now what?

To get a job in the fitness industry, you go on auditions.  You will have a little one-on-one interview style with the Owner/ Manager/ Lead Instructor to get a feel of your personality.  Then you will be asked to do a sample class consisting of 3 songs or 15 minutes worth.  Now this is based upon my experience and unsure if this is done everywhere.

I went on several individual auditions and one where there were several instructors auditioning at the same time.  But it consisted of the same ideas of mini interview then audition your sample class.

Now I know it can be totally scary to get up on that podium and bring your best work, especially if you never have auditioned before.  Take a big, deep breath.  You got this!  Just show your personality.  You know you studied your booty off and passed with flying colors.  Now it’s time to shine!

Here are 5 tips to rock any audition:

Pick songs that get you hyped!

  • I was given this advice and it truly was a game changer.  I love all types of music and had the hardest time showcasing my top 3!  But when I thought about what really gets me fired up, I knew exactly which ones had to be included.  To get some ideas, check out my fave songs and October Favorites. I wanted to select songs that I knew everyone would know and get them just as hyped as I was.

I'm the ISH Remix

Practice, Practice, and Practice some more!

  • I wrote out my notes from “my script” on what to say to the second we would change resistance or position.  My first auditions I had it written on paper and another time I had it on my phone – when I had issues with getting the music to play this was all lost.  I don’t want to say to memorize it but try your best to have some of it down.  (Trust me, it has gotten easier after instructing for a while) I know with me, I got nervous and lost my place and I don’t want you to experience the same thing.  I kept the same set up for all my auditions and practiced every chance I could.  Try a few different methods until you find the one that works.  I now write my class profiles on index cards and has been working out well. If you’re great at thinking it up on the fly, you might not need to practice as much. For me, I’m a planner and a perfectionist.

Keep It Simple!

  • I know I tried to do much in my first few auditions that left me all over the place.  Keep the class design to simple and safe drills.  If you have been to the studio before, you will already have an idea of what the other instructors do and don’t do.  If you haven’t been to that studio/gym, then keep it safe and effective drills within in suggested RPM ranges (if bike has tech packs).  For my auditions, I did a warm up, mix flat and jumps, hill climb, and a cool down to show a little bit of everything.

Do your research!

  • Find out what type of bikes the studio/gym uses, especially if it’s a studio you’ve never been to.  Not all indoor cycling bikes are created equal.  Some have different set-ups with 3 adjustments and others may have 4, some have tech packets that tell you the RPMs + gears and some don’t.  You want to walk into that audition feeling confident and the last thing you want to be worrying about is like “dang, how do I set this up?” all while trying to look like a boss.

Be Confident!

  • You passed your exam and practiced you audition.  Walk in there and show ’em whatchu got.  Be yourself!

I hope these tips help you rock your audition!  If it doesn’t work out in your favor, it just wasn’t meant to be.  You will find your “home”.  Definitely keep in contact with that studio/gym and maybe something else will open up later.  Most places are open to give you another try after you gained some experience.  I didn’t get my first gig until my 4th audition (and couldn’t be happier).  Just don’t give up!

Have you gone on an audition or intense interview?  Would love to hear your tips + tricks!

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