October Music Favorites

Hey everyone! Today I’m sharing some more of my favorite Spin® songs from October since it was such a hit!  And these aren’t limited to just spin.  I used these songs in my Butts & Guts class and the class loved it!  Let me know if you want to see more playlists with profiles to add to your rotations :). If you want to see other song favorites, check out my top songs.

Express Yourself – Diplo ft Nicky Da B

Flat road with ladder sprints or Tabata (3/4 out of 10 resistance). You could use it as a build – first set at 75% effort, the second set at 85% effort, and final set at 95% effort.  I had the class finish with ladder sprints 1:1 going 30-45-60. We started 30-second sprint then 30 seconds recovery. Built up to final 60-second sprint to the finish line.

Express Yourself - Diplo

Ghostbusters (I’m Not Afraid) by Fall Out Boy ft Missy Elliot

This was a fun remake of my Halloween ride (if you want the full playlist, LMK, it was fire!). I used this as a “cat and mouse” game. Every time you heard Ghostbusters”, you changed position (out to position 3 or up to position 2).  Select a resistance that is comfortable but still challenging (I had my riders at 6/7 out of 10 resistance). I stayed quiet and turned up the music and let the riders do their thing. Everyone raved about this one!

Ghostbusters - FOB

Booty Loose by Party Favor feat. Fly Boy Keno

I used this song as a ladder sprint halfway through my Hump Day Ride. 10-20-30-20-10 build ups.  Short song, under 3 minutes.  You could use this song for safe push ups or tap backs.  Also, could be an extension of the warm up since its so high energy with a quick beats.

Booty Loose - Party Favor

House Work by Jax Jones, Mike Dunn, MNEK

This song was part of my Work It Wednesday theme and class finisher.  This song is short, under 3 minutes, so it would also make a great recovery in-between hills.  There were two final sprints with this song, one 30 second sprint followed by 30 second rest before the final 60 second sprint.  It’s such a good song that you can’t help but find that last little bit and give it all you got.

House Work - Jax Jones

I’m the Ish Remix – DJ Class, Lil Jon

One of my favorite songs from college. I used this for an all out sprint to that finish line.  (As I’m typing up this post, I’m noticing all of my favorites are the class finishers.  Saving the best for last!)  Maintaining that speed and building endurance is the name of the game.

I'm the ISH Remix

Have fun with these tunes!

This month I have 50 cent Vs Eminem and Tupac Vs Biggie theme rides planned for my riders.

Do you have any theme rides that your participants loved?

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