My Current Top 5 Spin Songs

Since I’ve started instructing, I’ve listened to A LOT of music.  So many song choices out there.  And there’s always that one song that reminds you of a certain time or experience.  There may been a time or two that I got sucked into serious rabbit holes and hours went by.  But hey, it was a good time 😉

Music is there to celebrate.  During a sad time.  During a happy moment.  There to chill out.  Get you pumped up!

But how do you know what songs will get others to get pumped to sweat?  Especially when you are just starting out and not sure of what your clientele will be.  For me, I tried a bunch of different types of music and waited for the reaction of the riders.  I ask at the end of every class if the group has any suggestions and luckily for me, several gave me ideas that I was able to create kick ass classes for.  Beyonce Vs Rihanna ride anyone?

I love all types of music and even studied a little in college.  My playlists are a big representative of me and change each class.  Some days I’ll be in a major throwback mode or into lots of Dubstep.  My main goal is to find something that the riders can dance (safely) on the bikes and get them to push up that hill.

Here are my top 5 songs that I can’t get enough of:

“Get Ur Freak On” by Missy Elliot
  • This song everyone knows and usually is a crowd pleaser.  It has great beats (that riders can use as a BPM guide).  I have used this for flats with pushes and jumps in my class profiles.  You could add in tap backs and push ups (safely) to the beat.

Get Ur Freak On - Missy Elliot

“Humble” by Kendrick Lamar
  • One of the biggest hits of the Summer and makes you wanna dance.  Also, reminds me a good time dancing with my girlfriends (SHOUTOUT TIUTour).  I used this as a climb with increases while switching positions between the saddle and out in position 3.

Humble - Kendrick Lamar

“Closer” by The Chainsmokers
  • This song has a ton of remixes that range from super dubstep with crazy beat drops to slower, acoustic cool downs.  I used a remix that had a quick pace that I used for a mix of jumps with pushes.  Some remix options: Wuki Remix, R3hab Remix, Robtaki Remix, and Shaun Frank Remix.  This was one of my jams during marathon training last year!

Closer - The Chainsmokers

“Fancy” by Iggy Azalea Yellow Claw Remix
  • Another popular song but this remix is sick.  The fast beat is great for pushes or adding in push up (safely).  You just gotta listen to it!

Fancy - Yellow Claw Remix

“Work” by Rihanna
  • Another song that I found tons of remixes of.  I like the “original” one best but a fun way to change-up is with different remixes.  I have used this song for jumps but could also be used for flats or if you can find a chill, slow remix for a hill climb.  Some remix options: R3hab Remix, Bad Royale Remix, and Lost Kings Extended Version.

Work - Rihanna

I have been brainstorming ideas for Theme Rides and the few I’ve done were huge hits with my riders.

So far I have done:

  • MCM – Man Crush Monday with different genres but all male artist
  • WCW – Women Crush Wednesday with all female artist
  • FBF – Flash Back Friday
    • 90’s hits
    • 2000’s hits
  • Best of Summer 2017
  • Songs of Summer – songs with “summer” in the title
  • Beyonce Vs Rihanna
  • Lady Gaga Vs Katy Perry Remix Battle

Some others ideas I have in the works:

  • Motivational Monday – songs with positive vibes
  • Work It Wednesday  – songs with “work” in the title
  • Missy Elliot Vs. Nicki Minaj
  • Hump Day Ride – songs about that booty 🙂
  • Don’t forget to check out my October favorites!

Top 5 Spin Songs

These songs aren’t just for spin®!  They are great additions to anyone’s playlist for fun, workout, or my favorite, dance party!

This was a fun post to write (and totally came to me while walking home from class) and if you want a monthly updates on what music I’m loving, I’ll def make it a thing 🙂

Do you have any favorite songs that would make great additions to my playlists?  I would love to hear what are your jams!  Comment below!

Check out my other favorites here and here!

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