First Month Feels

Time flies when you’re having fun!  I have been instructing at Retro Fitness for a lunch ride and at Weston Fitness where I teach a Wake + Ride for the past month.

Class Ready

My first week flew by.  Of course I was nervous that no one was going to show up and I couldn’t have been more wrong.  All of the classes were filled to capacity.  I was hyped!  The participants were welcoming and several even said they would see me the next day.  They said it was one of the best rides they have been on.  Music to my ears!  I was beyond ecstatic that I was already getting a following.  I must be doing something right.  Despite some slight technical issues, like getting the dang mic to work, the first week went without a hitch.

As the weeks went on, I saw new faces in every class and many of the same faces continue to ride.  I even know several riders by name!  This makes everything all worth it.  A few have started coming to class earlier or staying later just to chat with me and ask for advice.

I definitely learned a lot about instructing and finding my voice + style.  A lot of it has been trial and error but it’s making me a better + stronger instructor.  I’m getting confident leading on the bike and designing class profiles, which was one thing I was concerned with when I started.  Now it’s like a breeze.  I love making the playlists to find the right songs and getting the class dancing [safely] on the bike.

Overhead View

My main goal is to be there to help them reach their goals.  So I’m willing to do whatever I need to help them get there.  With each class, I adapt to the riders to keep them challenged.  I’m picking up on what type of drills they enjoy and which songs get them pumped!  And I’m most excited about them giving me feedback and song suggestions which lead to a Beyoncé + Rihanna ride last week that was a major hit.  This week I have a Lady Gaga + Katy Perry Remix Battle planned!  I can’t wait to see how much the riders love it.

Even though I’m not working on any more certifications at the moment, I am continually learning and researching different styles to discover how to elevate my classes.  I definitely want to get my Group Ex and maybe even Personal Training + Health Coach/Nutrition in the near future so I can become that much more knowlegable in the field and be a great resource for my riders.

My heart is so full after this first month of teaching and so incredibly grateful.  I’m starting to feel that I finally found my calling.  My purpose.  My why.  I only hope to continue to deliver for my riders.  Until next time!

Have you ever been so proud about a personal accomplishment?  Let me know 😊

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