Thirsty Thursday: Hydration Tips

Hey friends!

With summer flying by and Labor Day weekend upon us, it got me thinking about the importance of staying hydrated.

Hydration is essential for successful physical performance during your run or workout.  There are tons benefits to proper hydration during workouts that include the regulation of heart rate + core body temperature, improved circulation, and rebuild muscle.  By being hydrated, you can avoid dehydration, muscle fatigue, energy loss, decreased performance, and heat illness and nobody wants that.

When you’re hydrated, you’ll notice how good you feel.  And when you feel good, you push harder during your workouts.

Yoga + Core

Here are some of my tips on staying + keeping hydrated

  • Aim to drink half your body weight of water throughout the day.  (For example if you weigh 140 lbs, shoot for 70 ounces).  And even more on the day before and during long runs.  But, don’t drink all your goal ounces at one sitting, it could be very dangerous.  Spread it out throughout the day with meals and in between meals.
  • Keep a water bottle with you at all times.
  • When traveling, I bring a water bottle and fill it up once I pass through security checks.  Traveling in general dehydrates you so it is extremely important to drink up before your flight.
  • While working out, it’s just as important to stay hydrated before, during and after the workout.
    • Before you set out on your run/workout, try to drink 8-12 oz of water before you’re out the door.
    • Remember small sips during the workout/run, too much could make you feel sick.
    • Re-hydrate after the workout and add a small portion of protein within thirty minutes post-workout.
  • As you all know, I love my coffee and matcha.  But, it does dehydrate you.  For every cup of coffee/tea/matcha, you should drink a glass one water.  Same goes for alcohol.  When out drinking, alternate alcoholic drink with water or sparkling water.


  • Keep a water bottle near your bed/alarm so there is no way of not grabbing it first.  I know, I know but first coffee but in the hydration game, water always wins.
    • Your body dehydrates overnight, so it’s very important to get that hydration back.
    • Creates a routine to “cleanse” from the inside.
  • Mix it up
    • Add fruit to water, drink coconut or sparkling water, or add in electrolyte tabs such as Nuun.
    • My favorite combos are lemon, cucumber +mint, and strawberry +ginger infused waters.  Sometimes I’ll add a new lemon wedge as a way to keep count of how many glasses I’ve had.
    • Kombucha and teas are super hydrating and I try to always have either one every night.
  • There’s even some fruit and veggies that will help with hydration such as watermelon, grapefruit, celery, strawberries, zucchini, cauliflower, and cucumbers.

Grapefuit + Coffee

  • Keep track of how much water intake either in your phone, journal, or with an app.  There are several app options and my favorite is with my Fitbit.
  • Make sure you drink up during the fall and winter months since it’s even more important to stay hydrated since the colder weather zaps water out of your skin.  And you may not feel as thirsty with the cooler temps than you do in the summer with warmer temps.  So make it a double!

Follow these tips and you will be glowing from the inside + out!

What are your tips to stay hydrated?

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