Try It Tuesday | 12 New Studio Tips

Have you ever wanted to try out a new workout studio?   I love changing up my workout routine and I’m lucky that Philly keeps opening new studios all the time.  But, sometimes it can be a little intimidating walking into a new studio for the first time. Don’t you worry, follow these tips and you’ll be lookin’ like a pro.

Recruit A Friend:

The more the merrier, right?!  Workouts are always better with friends.  I’ve met some of my closest friends from going to new studios.  And what’s better than making friends that have similar interests and goals in mind. Put yourself out there.

See Ya On The ‘Gram:

I always like to review the studio’s website and social media, especially if it’s a new workout that I have never done before.  Most studio’s social media will have videos or Boomerangs on their page or in their Instagram Stories of their workouts.

Check if the studio has lockers, bathrooms, showers, and any other amenities that you may need in addition to finding out what you need to bring.  Another tip later on

I like to read the bios of the instructors to see who I would vibe with before selecting which class to attend.  Then, review the class schedule to find the best fit for you.

Also, check out their policies in case something last-minute happens and you are unable to attend or running late.  Maybe they have a deal on a certain day of the week or new instructor or first class deal.  Don’t forget to check out their membership packages or other studios in case you fall in love with it.

Travel + Transportation:

Living in the city can be either easy or extremely difficult to get around.  I love to walk to a workout with some jams on to get in the zone before a killer workout.  But sometimes, the walk isn’t gonna cut it.  Find out about the parking situation near the studio.  Is there street parking or garage parking near by?  Or will public transportation be the best bet?  Plan out how you’re going get there ahead of time to avoid any lateness or issues.

The Early Bird Gets The Best Spot:

I always like to get to the studio at least 15 minutes early.  This is just my personal preference.  Nothing is worst than being late and not having a clue on how to set up or interrupting the instructor or other participants.  I experienced this at a new studio that I went to while on vacation since I was late and wasn’t set up properly.  Safety is super important to me, even more now that I’m an instructor.

Some things to consider to arrive early for:
  • There may be paperwork that needs to be completed prior to the workout.  Also, managers love to give tours of the studio’s layout to help you feel welcome.
  • It may be crowded with the transition between classes and you’ll want to ensure you are all set up properly.  By getting there early, I know I will have enough time to put my stuff away and go to the bathroom before getting class started.

But do double-check the studio’s website/policies since some studios may require new attendees to arrive 15 to 30 minutes early or take a particular intro class.

GOOD fest
Amazing shot from the GOOD fest

Newbie Strong:

No shame in your newbie game!  We’ve all been new at something at some point right?! By letting the instructor know that you are new, he or she will be able to give you the run down on what to expect, assist your set up, and ensure you are working out safely.

This Is Your Workout:

Try not to be competitive or compare yourself with your neighbor.  Maybe he or she has been attending this class for months and they have it locked down.  Do what feels right to you.  Take a break when you need it.  Grab water or towel off when needed.

If you feel dizzy or faint, stop what you’re doing and quietly exit the room.  Catch your breath and grab a drink of water.   Enter the room when you feel back to normal.

GOOD fest X Soul Cycle

Don’t Fear The Front Row:

By being in the front row, it allows the instructor to keep an eye out if you need anything throughout the class.  And you’ll have a better look at the instructor in case you are unsure of the routine or proper form.  It’s usually less crowded so you’ll have more room to sweat it out.

Step Away from Your Phone:

I know we all love a good selfie, but workouts are better when phone are away.  Unless it’s like a totally emergency or you’re on call for work, have your phone with you but let the instructor know.  It could be distracting to them and the other participants.  Don’t forget to put it on silent in your locker.

Be Present:

Stay focused on the workout and try to leave any personal things at the door.  I know easier said than done.  I’m totally guilty of being in savasana in a yoga class thinking about my to-do list.  This is YOUR time!

CORE yoga event

What To Bring:

So much gear is needed sometimes right?  Find out if the studio or gym provides water, towels, etc.  Nothing is worse than not having the correct equipment and not being able to do the workout.  I like to pack my bag the night or a few hours before and then check it once more before heading out the door.  Make sure to drink plenty of water before, during, and after the workout.

Find out if you need to bring a mat, wear sneakers, bring clip in shoes for cycling, need grip socks for barre or Pilates classes, etc.  Most studios will provide items needed for the workout or have it available for purchase.  Don’t forget your wallet and keys!

Sculpt in the City Event

What To Wear:

Do you need to cover your underarms for aerial yoga?  Should you wear crops/capris or padded shorts for cycling?  Does it get hot and sweaty that you’ll need moisture wicked clothing?  Can you rock a crop top or sports bra with confidence?

By finding out the “dress code” and I use quotes because of a lack of a better word but knowing the correct dress is crucial.  You want to look the part but also be comfortable.  Nothing is worse than being under or over-dressed.  If I have plans after the workout, I bring a change of clothes.

Take A Risk:

Most of all have fun!  You may love this new workout or studio.  Or you may not want to try it again and that’s absolutely ok.  You can say you tried it and it wasn’t for you.

It’s always better to try to take a risk then to not ever have tried.  Maybe try a different instructor, time slot, or different day of the week.  Maybe the morning drill sergeant was a just a little too intense.  Everyone vibes with someone and every instructor is different.  Try a few instructors until you find your perfect match.

TIUphilly Bootcamp Event

Can’t wait to hear about which new studios you try!

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