The GOOD Fest

Gorgeous GOOD

Last month, I went to the GOOD Fest with 350 like-minded women for an all-day festival filled with the message of living the GOOD life.  This event was extremely inspiring!

The morning started with a welcome by Talia Pollack, creator of Party in my Plants podcast/website and Sara Divello, author of Where in the OM am I?  Sara’s message was doing what you love.  She worked in corporate America and decided to leave her job to become a yoga instructor.  It’s all about having courage to make a change, find your passion and do it.

Yoga at the GOOD fest

After the sweat sesh, there was a mini break filled with juice, snacks, and cold brew.  There was a Marketplace that was filled with all types of brands that aligned with the same purpose of living the GOOD life.  I had to check out Vital Proteins and Frank and Whit Skincare since I’m obsessed with both.

GOOD sponsor wall

The first speaker was Cassandra Bodzak.  She discussed Meditation and Intention Setting – Creating the Foundation for Expansion.  Cassandra is a mediation guru, author of Eat with Intention, and founder of  I was excited for this since I’ve been interested in beginning a meditation practice.   She led us into a Kundalini meditation and felt amazing after.

The second speaker was Jessica Murnane: A Simple Guide to Eating Real – Taking it One Meal at a Time.  Jessica is the author and podcast host of One Part Plant.  She spoke about her journey in finding a plant-based diet.  She found out that she had a chronic illness and couldn’t find anything that would ease the pain.  A friend sent her a link on plant-based diets and the rest is history.  Jessica described One Part Plant by eating one plant-based meal a day and eating whole foods that are minimally or not processed.  Her number one tool to success is being prepared by having you pantry filled with essentials that you can make several meals quickly and easily.

Goodess of Green Snap Kitchen

I had the VIP experience ticket with Jordan Younger for a discussion on blogging, branding, and building a business.   She is the author of Breaking VeganSoul on Fire ebook, and podcast.  Some points that resonated with me were that social media is not necessarily the start of a business and it’s not about how many followers you have.  People will be attracted to your blog or Instagram by staying authentic and honest.

The Balanced Blonde

The VIP session was a great transition into the next speaker, Katie Dalebout.  Katie is an author Let It Out and podcast and her session was Spark Joy – Finding Happiness through Creativity.  Katie spoke about the power of journaling and gave her best tips on starting.

Next up was a Panel session with Q & A discussing Real Life Routines.  The panelists consisted of: Gianne Doherty: co-founder of Organic Bath Co and founder of The W.E.L.L. Summit; Kimmie Smith: co-founder / style director of the Athleisure Mag, fashion editor of DJ Mag, on-air style expert + celebrity fashion stylist; Katie Dalebout, Jessica Murdane, and Cassandra Bodzak.  It was great to hear that everyone has a different daily routine and easily adaptable.  Some things they discussed included: to wake up at the same time every day, start with a glass of water, and to make to do lists the night before with specific, achievable goals.  The ladies also provided their best self-care tips.

The final speaker session was Katie Horwich from WANT – Women Against Negative Talk and her session was called “Celebrating Everyday – Moving Forward Fearlessly.”    I heard about Katie from Jordan’s podcast and really liked her message.  She discussed self-confidence, self-trust, and fear isn’t about being scared.

The GOOD fest was an absolute dream.   Each session left me more inspired than the last.    Not only to live a better life, but to have the courage and strength to take risks.  I plan to  implement several of the practices I learned from meditation to journaling to eating more plants to finding my voice to having confidence to establishing a daily routine.

Gorgeous GOOD

The GOOD fest is taking their show on the road and hitting up LA next February (Road trip anyone?).  But don’t worry, they will be hosting in Philly next April!

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