Running the Ben again

It was time again for the Cooper Norcross Run the Bridge in November 2014.  My mom didn’t participate this year but still came to support her Wegmans team.  It was a chilly and windy morning on race day.  Surprisingly colder than last year, hitting a whopping 23 degrees before the race!  #coldAF!  The course was the same and had even more excitement from the runners despite the challenging winds.


The 3,000 other runners and myself began our journey into the freezing wind unsure of what to expect.  I knew running in a pack would be beneficial and that I could make up time by the waterfront.  I started out slower than normal to conserve energy.  Which I found out was harder than it looks, since I know I always start out way too quick.  Surprisingly, the first half of the race seemed far too easy or did I just got stronger with all my half marathon trainings?


I cruised through the waterfront with ease, passing runners with each stride.  There was one runner that I was chasing down.  This is my favorite game.  I much rather chase down then be chased.  It was exactly the push I needed to beat last year’s time.  With each turn along the course, I would get closer to that runner.  But it seemed like he knew I was chasing him and would pick up his pace just slightly.  Once I saw Campbell’s Field, I started my kick and finally passed the runner as we entered the outfield.  I kept my kick going until crossing that finish line.  Dang it felt good!


I started to develop heel pain in my left foot a few weeks before this race.  However, I just ignored it since I wanted to finish out the race season.  #stubborn.  When I saw my finish time of 49:28, I was in awe.  I was able to beat last year’s time despite the crazy wind!  Maybe I needed to focus on just 10k’s and I found my sweet spot.

After this accomplishment, I needed to change my goal pace time to 7:55/8 minutes.  One more race left of my 2014 racing season, my first race with my TIUphilly girls: The Rocky Run!

Look of determination or in pain as I cross the finish line?!

See you at the next race!

What is your favorite distance to run?

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