Running the Bridge

I made a last-minute decision to run the Cooper Norcross Run the Bridge with my mom and her Wegmans team for my first 10k (6.2 miles) in November 2013.  This run benefits the Larc School, which is a special education school serving students with disabilities at no cost to the families.  For those who don’t know, I went to school for special education so this really hit home for me.  The Run the Bridge 10k has been donating to the Larc School for over 10 years as one of the largest and unique 10k’s in the area.

This race was special since I was with doing it with my mom.  Usually, she would be at the finish line with flowers but now wanted a piece of the action.  She participated in the 2 mile walk on the bridge and still able to be at the finish line.  I received my bib and Wegmans shirt while meeting the group at Campbell’s Field.  I had to represent the team!

Wegmans Team

I was getting amped as we headed towards the starting line, which was by the tollgates on the Jersey side.  It was a cold and windy day with temps around 38 degrees.  I was chatting with some of the Wegmans team who ran last year and they shared their pointers.

I was coming off my second Rock ‘n’ Roll half that September and unsure how I would do.  I thought the race was only on the bridge and running hills still made me a tad nervous.  But when that horn sounded, I hightailed my way through the crowds settling in a comfortable pace.  The first leg of the race is headed towards Philly for 1.5 miles before heading to Jersey for 3.1 miles total on the bridge.   I saw my mom at the turnaround and was feeling confident.

All smiles and a thumbs up!

The second half of the race was along Rutgers Camden’s campus and the waterfront for the remaining 3.1 miles.  The course was pretty fast and flat once hitting the Camden side.  I started picking off runners to pass and increased my pace.  Before I knew it, there was only a mile left!  I entered Campbell’s Field and started my sprint.  Getting one step closer with each stride.  I finished my first 10k in 52:43 with a 8:29 average mile pace and right on point.

The Wegmans’ group waited and cheered for every runner that crossed the finish line before celebrating as a team.  We took after photos and checked out the vendors.  The weather was much warmer than the start making it more enjoyable.  This was my last race of the 2013 season and was ready for a bit of rest before starting up my next season with hopefully another Broad Street.  This was definitely a great way to end it!

If you need to get to Philly or New Jersey the first Sunday of November, plan an alternate route since the bridge will be closed for a few hours.

See you at the next race!

Have you run a 10K?  Would love to hear your stories!

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