Running Recap in Myrtle

We got in late Thursday night and super excited to get this vacation started.  The next morning, Eric and his buddy went golfing.  I decided to get a run in early since I knew the guys would be out for a while.

I headed out on Grissom Parkway and turned on 29th Ave towards the beach.  I ran along the beach towards the ferris wheel which got me to 2.78 miles.  It was sunny and surprisingly a ton of people on the beach.  I got in 5.52 miles then refueled with a cheeseburger, well deserved!  img_7832

Monday I went out on my run with the intention of doing 10 miles but was feeling frisky.  The playlist I listened to on Spotify was LIT!   I ran about 6.3 miles then headed back towards 29th Ave.  Got to 29th Ave and was at 11 miles but was determined to hit 15 miles.  I kept going along Ocean Boulevard for another mile before it started to rain.  Since I’m crazy, I ran around the complex until hitting 15 miles.  It started pouring as soon as I walked up to the door.  Finished just in time!


On Thursday, I did Tone It Up®‘s 5 #dailymoves for Wednesday and Thursday.  Then added in more leg and booty work with my mini resistance bands.  Boy, was I feeling the burn the rest of the night and Friday.


On Friday, I went out for a run but didn’t have a set mileage.  I started towards the beach and ran until I hit the boardwalk path.  Since I was feeling good and it was such great weather, I kept on running.   I finished with 8 miles.  The run felt good despite the toning workout from the previous day.  A good long stretch after was needed after.  #bootyburn

On Saturday, I didn’t get a run in since I had a spinning instructor workshop on Sunday so I wanted to save my legs.  Kinda bummed I didn’t run since it was the best weather of the entire trip.  Our flight was scheduled that night but ended up getting cancelled.  We drove 9 hours home since there were absolutely no flights.  After getting only 2 hours of sleep, I made it to the training and got in two 45 minute rides as part of the workshop.  #worthit!

Pretty successful vacation workouts!

Do you have any workouts that you like to do while on vacation?


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