Rockin’ in Philly

Still on a high after breaking the two hour mark at Oddyssey in JuneI was stoked to run RnR Philly in September.   After running another course, I liked that each race has it’s own unique route around the city.  I read a few articles on the Rock ‘n’ Roll Philly and learned that it’s known to be one of the fastest half marathons in the area.  My goal of a PR here would most certainly be achievable.

This year’s race had the inaugural RNR 5k on Saturday and some runners added that to their race weekend experience.  The expo was at the Philadelphia Convention Center like last year and I had Eric go with me.  We went to his parents’ house after and his mom made fresh pasta and homemade gravy (sauce).  When we got home, I laid everything out the night before and reviewed my racing checklist.  I was feeling ready to add another PR to my racing belt.


It was a cloudy Sunday morning on race day.   The course was the same as last year taking you along Benjamin Franklin Parkway and throughout the city for the first 5 miles.  I really enjoyed running through the city passing the Independence Hall and the National Constitution Center.  My playlist was pumping once I entered China Town and continued as I headed towards the Philadelphia Art Museum.  There were local performers jamming out along the course.


I pull back my pace going into Kelly Drive to reserve the gas.  I don’t know why I go so hard the first 4 miles then pull back miles 4 -8.  And then think there’s only a few miles left, so I better pick it up.   Maybe it has something to do with not having as many spectators along Kelly Drive, or it’s just a mental thing.


Then, I ran back down Martin Luther King Jr Drive holding my pace strong for the final 4 miles.  The finish was at the Art Museum steps and the best feeling of the entire race!  “Rusted Root” was the headliner for the post-race performance and was getting in their groove as I walked past the main stage after getting my medal.  I finished in 1:59, race PR!

See you at the next race!

Have you thought about running a half marathon?

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