Second time down Broad Street

It was time to enter the lottery for Broad Street and I was relieved that I got in!  I knew I had to do it again and beat last year’s time.   With having a few races under my belt, I knew it was possible.  You can read about last year’s race here (Where it all started. . . ) Plus I was following Tone It Up™ and was feeling invincable so I was super excited to see what I could do come race day.  (You can read about that here How I found Tone It Up.)

This year I brought my mom to expo to show her what it was all about.  We got my bib and then it was time to carb up!   After dinner, I set all my race items out and checked to ensure I had everything that I needed.

Bib check, belt with gels check, ready to crush that pavement CHECK!

I woke up the morning of Broad Street feeling awesome and knew it was going to be a beautiful race day.  I get in my corral, two faster than last year, filled with anticipation.  I was off before I knew it.


I get to the 5 mile mark full of excitement knowing that I was on pace to beat last year’s time. I told myself to stay steady and I will get that PR (personal record). With each step, I got closer and closer to hitting my record.  Before long, I was at mile 9.  The HOMESTRETCH!

I was extra excited this year knowing my sister was going to be there.  I get to the last half mile and I hear my mom and sister and turn just in time for a picture.  I started my sprint to the finish and boom. Personal Record!


Until next time Broad Street!

Have you ever beaten one of your personal bests/records?  I would love to hear your stories. 🙂



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